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Meet our Teams

Pastoral Team

Steven Hanratty - Lead Pastor

Ken and Sonia Ostler - Pastoral support

Shawn and Lydia Contin - Pastoral support

Leadership Team 

Worship Team Leaders

Shirley Kiervin

Jonathan Heath

Carla Buckingham 

Ministry Leaders

Steven and Andrea Hanratty

Anna Thayer

Ruth Gillespie

Ken and Sonia Ostler

Michael and Dolleen Simon

Shawn and Lydia Contin

Community Outreach Director - Barb White

Cafe Management - Ruth Gillespie

Art Gallery Management - Sharon Larsen

Children's Ministry/Camp Director - Barb White

Refugee Re-settlement - Barb White

Women's Prayer and Share - Valerie Bentley

Streaming maintenance - Joshua Reeves

Office Administrator - Ruth Gillespie

Website Management and Design - Angela Gillespie

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