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Meet our Teams

Pastoral Team

Shawn Contin - Lead Pastor

Ken and Sonia Ostler - Pastoral support

Jonathan Heath - Pastoral support

Leadership Team 

Worship Team Leaders

Shirley Kiervin

Jonathan Heath

Carla Buckingham 

Ministry Leaders

Anna Thayer

Jon Heath

Ruth Gillespie

Ken and Sonia Ostler

Shawn and Lydia Contin

Community Outreach Director - Barb White

Cafe Management - Ruth Gillespie

Art Gallery Management - Sharon Larsen

Children's Ministry/Camp Director - Barb White

Refugee Re-settlement - Barb White

Women's Prayer and Share - Valerie Bentley

Streaming maintenance - Joshua Reeves

Office Administrator - Ruth Gillespie

Website Management and Design - Angela Gillespie

Pastor Profile


Centre Fellowship Church – Orangeville, Ontario

Centre Fellowship Church has been in Orangeville for more than 20 years. We are a non-denominational, Holy Spirit led church in Orangeville, an hour northwest of Toronto. In addition to the sanctuary and other large meeting rooms, our 13-year-old purpose-built facility also includes a lively café, outdoor elevated deck and an art gallery. We have an active team leadership approach with a high degree of lay involvement.


We have a small congregation of about 70 members, with both an older demographic and younger families. This congregation has always placed a high value on international and local missions, and we have a great depth of community outreach. There is a deep hunger for the presence of God and an openness to the leading and manifestation of the Holy Spirit when we gather. We have a strong children’s ministry program and leadership and we have recently started a young adults’ group. In addition to our weekly Bible studies and prayer meeting we are starting three new Life Groups. The current lead pastor is planning to return to the mission field in 12-18 months, and we are looking for a good transition to a new lead pastor.


The ideal candidate for this position has previous pastoral experience in a small-to-mid-size church, has demonstrated the ability to be part of a team with a variety of gifts, has a recognized gift of teaching, and is comfortable and familiar with sharing the gospel of Jesus in deed and in word. We are a teams-oriented church, operating with spiritual eldership, relationship and freedom in the Spirit. We are looking for a Pastor who is filled with the Holy Spirit and will encourage the gifts of the Spirit in the congregation.


Lead Pastor Responsibilities


  • As the primary teacher of the congregation, ensure that teaching demonstrates a deep love and understanding of the Scriptures, the character of Jesus Christ, and the workings of the Holy Spirit, as reflected in the values and vision of CFC;

  • Provide regular, consistent teaching that will challenge, engage, and encourage the congregation to grow in faith;

  • Organize individual teaching series and ensure that the pulpit is properly staffed;

  • Encourage and oversee development of Life Groups.


Pastoral Care:

  • Be available and approachable for visitation, support, guidance, Christian council and prayer ministry;

  • Perform weddings, baptisms, and funerals as an integral part of Christian life.



  • Intentionally engage, equip and encourage the congregation to be the embodiment of Jesus to each other, our community, and the world;

  • Be comfortable and effective in building relationship with patrons that come in our building throughout the week, and champion the congregation to engage the community that gathers in the church building;

  • Create opportunities for people to hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus;

  • Be the primary liaison with other churches, local officials, MP’s etc. Make CFC a visible presence in the community and one that attracts people;

  • Assist with all communication with the congregation and community through social media and our website.


Faith Leadership:

  • Collaboratively seek God’s vision for the church with staff, committees, and the congregation as a whole;

  • Work with teams that are coordinating the children’s ministry, youth and young people programs, worship leaders and administration;

  • Be a team member with the Board and Leadership team, providing guidance and serving as opportunities present themselves.


Qualifications | Professional Skills & Experience:

  • An active and growing personal relationship with The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit through action, attitude, and behavior;

  • Experience with leading with influence in small teams, administration of programs and projects to serve the church;

  • Experience in recruiting, motivating, equipping, scheduling, and maintaining church activities;

  • Effective communication skills (written, verbal, and interpersonal);

  • Ability to understand, relate, and connect well to people in our community, and a passion to see families experience God and grow in their faith;

  • Display of good character and competency and a love for God, His Word, and the presence of His Holy Spirit;

  • Proficiency with basic computer software (Excel, Word, Publisher), and the capacity to learn new software.

Character Requirements:

  • Mature Christian; positive and humble;

  • Flexible, collaborative, and eager to support;

  • Valuing, honouring, developing and welcoming the diversity of spiritual gifts in the church family;

  • Energetic, warm, and able to share the love of Jesus with people; 

  • Ability to think critically, find common ground and navigate contentious issues in love;

  • Ability to value all Biblical streams of Christianity with Spirit and Word in agreement, regardless of personal theological persuasions.


  • Salary is negotiable.

Vision for the Church: Growing in Faith, Growing in Love and Growing God’s Kingdom with Jesus.

The Mission of Centre Fellowship Church is to experience the richness of God the Father, revealed in His Son Jesus Christ and inspired by the Holy Spirit’s tangible presence. Through prayer, word and deed, this fellowship seeks to serve every unique individual, the community of Orangeville, the nations within Canada, and all nations of the world. We desire to grow together through faith, hope, and love into a community of grace-motivated, Spirit filled disciples of Jesus.


Please include with your resumé:

  1. A description of your faith in Jesus. Please include how you came to know the Lord, a little of your journey with Him, your current walk with the Lord, and how your relationship with Him currently affects your ministry;

  2. Two examples of defining experiences from your spiritual pilgrimage;

  3. Your philosophy of ministry;

  4. Details regarding previous ministries in the last ten or so years, including;

    1. Types of ministry or ministries in which you’ve been involved;

    2. Size and character of the organisation;

    3. Your place in the organisation;

    4. Specific accomplishments during your time in the organisation;

  5. Links to two or three recent sermons;

  6. Names and contact information of five references.

Resumé and references can be submitted in confidence to:

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